Groomed Hair Treatment 240 Ml
Groomed Hair Treatment 240 Ml
Groomed Hair Treatment 240 Ml
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Groomed hair treatment provides permanent straightening and strong repairing effects. Groomed hair Treatment's formula has been brought from France. It can repair damaged or burnt hair in one application while softening and shining the hair. It provides permanent straightening effects for curly or wavy hair. It gets rid of the split ends and persuades the hair to grow.
There is no formaldeheit or any other harmful chemicals inside its formula. 

Use: It should be applied on moist hair which has been washed twice with cleansing shampoo. After waiting for 5-10 minutes it should be dried and straightened. There is no waiting period. Finally hair will be washed with shampoo and conditioner.

Natura Hair Treatment 240 ML (120 ml x 2)

Natura Hair Treatment Application of Benefits

1- Permanent straightening and maintenance up to 6 months.
2- Repair your damaged hair from paint and chemicals.
3- It gives a bright and fuller appearance instead of electric hair and lifeless appearance.
4- You use your hair as a permanent hair dryer every day to get rid of the blow.
5- Helps hair loss by hair loss.

Natura Hair Treatment Information;
Natura Keratin Hair Treatment 2X120 ML

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4 Month 6%74,20 TL 296,80 TL
5 Month 8%60,48 TL 302,40 TL
6 Month 10%51,33 TL 308,00 TL
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3 Month (+2 Taksit)5%98,00 TL 294,00 TL
4 Month (+2 Taksit)8%75,60 TL 302,40 TL
5 Month (+2 Taksit)10%61,60 TL 308,00 TL
6 Month (+2 Taksit)12%52,27 TL 313,60 TL
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