Groomed Blonde Hair Care Kit
Groomed Blonde Hair Care Kit
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90,00 TL
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Groomed Blonde Hair Care Kit

The well-groomed blonde series is specially designed for yellow and yellow hair. Thanks to the special ingredients in the formula, it ensures that the color of the hair remains bright for longer. Includes paint preservative, thermal protective raw material and UV filter. In this way, protects the hair color against external factors, prolongs the duration of hair dye. Inside the pearl particles give the hair a sparkle. Contains keratin that nourishes the hair.

Groomed blonde hair care set consists of shampoo, hair spray and hair mask products. The blonde series is designed specifically for the problems of hair types. You will feel the change immediately after several applications.

Bonus Card Taksit
2 Month 0%45,00 TL 90,00 TL
3 Month 0%30,00 TL 90,00 TL
4 Month 6%23,85 TL 95,40 TL
5 Month 8%19,44 TL 97,20 TL
6 Month 10%16,50 TL 99,00 TL
World Card Taksit
2 Month (+2 Taksit)0%45,00 TL 90,00 TL
3 Month (+2 Taksit)5%31,50 TL 94,50 TL
4 Month (+2 Taksit)8%24,30 TL 97,20 TL
5 Month (+2 Taksit)10%19,80 TL 99,00 TL
6 Month (+2 Taksit)12%16,80 TL 100,80 TL
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